Monday, February 27, 2012

so lately there has been some great weather and that means you can go outside to play soccer. My niece has been wanting to be on a soccer team so bad that we are signing her up this fall to play on a u-6 team. she can kick really hard and she loves to play. soccer can be a really simple game. all you need to do is put the ball in the net as fast as possible. once you get older the amount of time to play a game increases. the time tops out at 90 minute games.

its great to start kids at a young age playing any sport. it gives instant friends and gets them active. im very appreciative of my dad for getting me into all kinds of sports when i was younger. it help me decide what one i liked best a lot easier. I could make the decision because i had so much experience in all different kinds of sports. i grew up with a huge group of friends because of soccer and all my other friends were from school.

my older brother played soccer but he loved playing baseball a lot more. my sister was a cheerleader and i was the competitive soccer player that also played basketball, volleyball, and softball. sports are a way of life to most kids these days. it gives people a common ground to talk about. it brings people close together based on what team they might cheer for.

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