Monday, February 27, 2012

blogging can be hard sometimes. soccer is a broad subject but you end up repeating yourself a lot. soccer takes great teamwork and patience. you could go a whole game without anyone scoring a goal. soccer also has a lot of vocabulary. i find it hilarious when people say score a point. we dont get points we get goals. thats what a "goalie" is for.

i find soccer is much more enjoyable than playing video games or reading. yes reading can be great exercise for your brain but soccer you have to think a lot. you have to think as a field player if you want to pass the ball or do a move to get around a person. as a goalie you think all the time especially about where you want to position yourself to cut down on angles of the goal.

soccer also gives you more freedom than most sports. soccer cant have set plays all the time. you might have the occassional thrown in drill but you can plan on who you are going to pass it to or whether or not you have one or more players on you at a time. soccer lets everyone be original and spontaneous.
so lately there has been some great weather and that means you can go outside to play soccer. My niece has been wanting to be on a soccer team so bad that we are signing her up this fall to play on a u-6 team. she can kick really hard and she loves to play. soccer can be a really simple game. all you need to do is put the ball in the net as fast as possible. once you get older the amount of time to play a game increases. the time tops out at 90 minute games.

its great to start kids at a young age playing any sport. it gives instant friends and gets them active. im very appreciative of my dad for getting me into all kinds of sports when i was younger. it help me decide what one i liked best a lot easier. I could make the decision because i had so much experience in all different kinds of sports. i grew up with a huge group of friends because of soccer and all my other friends were from school.

my older brother played soccer but he loved playing baseball a lot more. my sister was a cheerleader and i was the competitive soccer player that also played basketball, volleyball, and softball. sports are a way of life to most kids these days. it gives people a common ground to talk about. it brings people close together based on what team they might cheer for.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Played soccer this weekend and realized how much I truly do enjoy playing. I am a coach for a u-9 group of kids and they are the cutest little things. they have such a passion for the sport just like I did when I was that age. I didnt ever think I could spread the love of soccer onto to many little kids. They look up to me to teach them cool tricks and lead them to be a winning team. I get so much satisfaction out of seeing the smiles on their faces when they score their first goal or pass to a team mate. Their parents are very supportive of them and that is really important. A parent needs to encourage their kid to try new things and to experience being on a team so they can get a feel for working with other people to get the job done.

At the end of the season I give them all medals or some kind of trophy for staying with it throughout the whole season. I think its very important to reward kids for not quitting and for trying out something that they are interested in. Soccer is a great way to introduce shy kids to others and get them to interact. It also gives them a chance to get out of the house and work out a little bit. Soccer can be played all year round, inside and outside.

Teaching kids is a great reward to myself because I know how to do something and they are respectful and learn from each word or move I show them. Yelling at a kid will only discourage them and make the want to quit. Coaches have more influence on if a kids comes back next season or not. The kid will associate soccer with a coach yelling at them. Keep the love of soccer going throughout the generations.

Monday, February 13, 2012

 Soccer is the most popular sport worldwide. Its a blast to play and watching isn't so bad either. There are so many different aspects to soccer. How to score is unique, only being allowed to use your feet (unless you're the goalie), the shoes you wear and how much contact you have with other players. Many people can become famous for being professional in the sport. Americans seem to associate more with football or baseball but in all other countries soccer is #1!

There are many different magazines and sports stores you can go to order or buy soccer equipment. Soccer cleats come in all different colors and styles. Major companies have been competing to come out with the flashiest and lightest soccer cleat. The crazier the colors the more attention players attract from the audience. The lighter shoes help you react quicker and run faster.

In American football every play there is someone getting hit. In soccer you can make all the contact you want but its not required in order to advance down the field. You're only allowed to use your feet to pass the ball to other players or shoot. But the goalie is allowed to use their hands in order to stop the shot from going in. They do have restrictions and can only use their hands inside the box lined on the field.

Check out a soccer game on TV or go watch one live! Definately try and play with some friends too!