Monday, February 13, 2012

 Soccer is the most popular sport worldwide. Its a blast to play and watching isn't so bad either. There are so many different aspects to soccer. How to score is unique, only being allowed to use your feet (unless you're the goalie), the shoes you wear and how much contact you have with other players. Many people can become famous for being professional in the sport. Americans seem to associate more with football or baseball but in all other countries soccer is #1!

There are many different magazines and sports stores you can go to order or buy soccer equipment. Soccer cleats come in all different colors and styles. Major companies have been competing to come out with the flashiest and lightest soccer cleat. The crazier the colors the more attention players attract from the audience. The lighter shoes help you react quicker and run faster.

In American football every play there is someone getting hit. In soccer you can make all the contact you want but its not required in order to advance down the field. You're only allowed to use your feet to pass the ball to other players or shoot. But the goalie is allowed to use their hands in order to stop the shot from going in. They do have restrictions and can only use their hands inside the box lined on the field.

Check out a soccer game on TV or go watch one live! Definately try and play with some friends too!

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