Monday, February 27, 2012

blogging can be hard sometimes. soccer is a broad subject but you end up repeating yourself a lot. soccer takes great teamwork and patience. you could go a whole game without anyone scoring a goal. soccer also has a lot of vocabulary. i find it hilarious when people say score a point. we dont get points we get goals. thats what a "goalie" is for.

i find soccer is much more enjoyable than playing video games or reading. yes reading can be great exercise for your brain but soccer you have to think a lot. you have to think as a field player if you want to pass the ball or do a move to get around a person. as a goalie you think all the time especially about where you want to position yourself to cut down on angles of the goal.

soccer also gives you more freedom than most sports. soccer cant have set plays all the time. you might have the occassional thrown in drill but you can plan on who you are going to pass it to or whether or not you have one or more players on you at a time. soccer lets everyone be original and spontaneous.

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