Monday, March 26, 2012

Starting to believe that not just anyone can play at the level of soccer that I play on. I miss having people that are just as talented and skilled or even better than myself. My high school soccer team was the best! We won championships and got the the sweet 16. most high schools are all about football but our football team was awful so everyone loved the soccer teams.

Soccer has a lot of places where you can be creative and not have a coach yelling at you for doing the wrong play or telling you your not going fast enough. I love the fact that soccer is a team sport and not something that you just do for yourself. People that play team sports seem to work better with others in places such as work and in romantic situations.

Many soccer players like surrounding themselves with other soccer players. This is because only certain kinds of people really understand the sport and the love that you have to have in order to play. Some people just dont get that soccer is one of the best sports around and say that its not fun to watch so there is no way that its fun to play. but really its amazing!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

For those in high school looking for a college. Think hard about if you really wanna get your degree and play soccer. and if your decision is yes than make sure you weigh out every option that goes into picking the right college. dont base the college you go to on the soccer program completely. let that be a factor but dont make that the deciding factor.

Once you are in that college because it had a great soccer program but the academics werent all there whats gonna happen when you dont feel like playing the game anymore cause the coach is an ass or when school and soccer just arent fitting correctly with time management. you obviously cant give up school and just play soccer.

Make sure that the college you pick you absolutely love and feel sooo comfortable. Youre going to be away from your family and high school friends so that means you are going to have to venture out and meet people. yes playing soccer is going to give you an instant set of friends but there are more people in the college that dont play soccer that you might miss out on. Choose wisely and make sure that soccer is a small pro to your list.

Now that spring is here its time to get back outside and start playing. Spring soccer is started out right. Last night i had a great practice with the girls. I definately didnt miss the coaches being there. Soccer is a passion that only the best can really understand. It takes a special kind of person to wanna play soccer for the rest of their life. Some people cant be dedicated like you need to be in order to be a true lover of the game.

I would give anything to go back to the days of high school ball and be with all my wonderful teammates again. We all knew how eachother played and what everyone's strengths and weaknesses were. It was so nice having a team work together and actually be good at soccer. My college has a bunch of wanna be's and they think theyre good but really they arent good at all. Too many attitudes get in the way of performing well together.

It takes a lot of dedication and effort to be considered a great player. you need to have amazing team work and a certain set of skills. Anyone can play soccer but only a few can be soccer players. Ive been playing since i was 4 and im still not sick of the game. I actually love it even more as the days go on. Be one of those people that is a soccer player and not someone that just plays soccer.