Tuesday, March 20, 2012

For those in high school looking for a college. Think hard about if you really wanna get your degree and play soccer. and if your decision is yes than make sure you weigh out every option that goes into picking the right college. dont base the college you go to on the soccer program completely. let that be a factor but dont make that the deciding factor.

Once you are in that college because it had a great soccer program but the academics werent all there whats gonna happen when you dont feel like playing the game anymore cause the coach is an ass or when school and soccer just arent fitting correctly with time management. you obviously cant give up school and just play soccer.

Make sure that the college you pick you absolutely love and feel sooo comfortable. Youre going to be away from your family and high school friends so that means you are going to have to venture out and meet people. yes playing soccer is going to give you an instant set of friends but there are more people in the college that dont play soccer that you might miss out on. Choose wisely and make sure that soccer is a small pro to your list.

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