Monday, March 26, 2012

Starting to believe that not just anyone can play at the level of soccer that I play on. I miss having people that are just as talented and skilled or even better than myself. My high school soccer team was the best! We won championships and got the the sweet 16. most high schools are all about football but our football team was awful so everyone loved the soccer teams.

Soccer has a lot of places where you can be creative and not have a coach yelling at you for doing the wrong play or telling you your not going fast enough. I love the fact that soccer is a team sport and not something that you just do for yourself. People that play team sports seem to work better with others in places such as work and in romantic situations.

Many soccer players like surrounding themselves with other soccer players. This is because only certain kinds of people really understand the sport and the love that you have to have in order to play. Some people just dont get that soccer is one of the best sports around and say that its not fun to watch so there is no way that its fun to play. but really its amazing!

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