Monday, April 2, 2012

Today is a great day to play some soccer. Sitting in class I just want to get out and go play. I decided I need to work on my touches and foot skills. Its time to better yourself. Take your talent into your own hands and go for it. Get yourself better by going out and practicing. Practice makes perfect. You dont see many talented players say that it just comes natural and that they didnt practice what they do.

College soccer is much different from high school. Most colleges will tell you that the pace of the game is much faster but really i dont agree. If you have a decent team in high school then the speed of the game is about the same. Also you need people that can keep up with you. Thats why making yourself the best you can be is so important.

If your at your best then the team with benefit. I understand you can do it all but as long as your doing the best you can then the team will feed off of your success. Try to get teammates to come out and work out with you. Train eachother and show one another tricks that you have mastered. Stick together and work as one and the team will do great.

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