Monday, April 2, 2012

Ive met some people that have went to Brazil and played soccer with the natives. Its amazing that even though they might not have the best life they all enjoy playing the game. Most of the low income families own a ball because thats how much passion they have for the game. Even if they dont have tv's they find ways to watch the games being played by professionals.

All other countries besides the USA think that the game of soccer is the best. Soccer is the most widely played sport across the world. Soccer is an olympic sport where as baseball and football that are played in the USA mostly are not. Soccer is definately the greatest sport worldwide. Athletes that play soccer are well trained and their whole body is in great shape.

Whats also great about soccer is it doesnt matter how big or little you are. It doesnt matter if you have a little extra weight than others. These body types are placed on certain areas of the field to play up to your strengths. Teams need tall playerss, short players, skinny players, and muscular players.Soccer is a fantastic sport for all types of people.

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