Monday, April 2, 2012

Ive met some people that have went to Brazil and played soccer with the natives. Its amazing that even though they might not have the best life they all enjoy playing the game. Most of the low income families own a ball because thats how much passion they have for the game. Even if they dont have tv's they find ways to watch the games being played by professionals.

All other countries besides the USA think that the game of soccer is the best. Soccer is the most widely played sport across the world. Soccer is an olympic sport where as baseball and football that are played in the USA mostly are not. Soccer is definately the greatest sport worldwide. Athletes that play soccer are well trained and their whole body is in great shape.

Whats also great about soccer is it doesnt matter how big or little you are. It doesnt matter if you have a little extra weight than others. These body types are placed on certain areas of the field to play up to your strengths. Teams need tall playerss, short players, skinny players, and muscular players.Soccer is a fantastic sport for all types of people.
The smell of fresh cut grass makes me think of soccer season. Spring season is a great time to run those winter pounds off and get back into getting touches on the ball. Get some pick up games going and introduce the game to kids so that when you graduate the program wont suffer. Its important to keep the intrest going with generations.

Being great at playing the game doesnt make you a good coach. Maybe some of us that play should learn some techniques in order to coach younger generations to keep the numbers up that are interested in playing. Little kids can be frustrating but if you can give them patience they will in return give you respect.

Kids love to run around and score goals. Make practicing fun that way they dont feel as if they are working hard even though they really are. Make up some games to show them ways to pass to each other and dribble down the field with a defender. Show them cool tricks that they can work on at home to keep them coming back trying to show you their progress.
Today is a great day to play some soccer. Sitting in class I just want to get out and go play. I decided I need to work on my touches and foot skills. Its time to better yourself. Take your talent into your own hands and go for it. Get yourself better by going out and practicing. Practice makes perfect. You dont see many talented players say that it just comes natural and that they didnt practice what they do.

College soccer is much different from high school. Most colleges will tell you that the pace of the game is much faster but really i dont agree. If you have a decent team in high school then the speed of the game is about the same. Also you need people that can keep up with you. Thats why making yourself the best you can be is so important.

If your at your best then the team with benefit. I understand you can do it all but as long as your doing the best you can then the team will feed off of your success. Try to get teammates to come out and work out with you. Train eachother and show one another tricks that you have mastered. Stick together and work as one and the team will do great.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Starting to believe that not just anyone can play at the level of soccer that I play on. I miss having people that are just as talented and skilled or even better than myself. My high school soccer team was the best! We won championships and got the the sweet 16. most high schools are all about football but our football team was awful so everyone loved the soccer teams.

Soccer has a lot of places where you can be creative and not have a coach yelling at you for doing the wrong play or telling you your not going fast enough. I love the fact that soccer is a team sport and not something that you just do for yourself. People that play team sports seem to work better with others in places such as work and in romantic situations.

Many soccer players like surrounding themselves with other soccer players. This is because only certain kinds of people really understand the sport and the love that you have to have in order to play. Some people just dont get that soccer is one of the best sports around and say that its not fun to watch so there is no way that its fun to play. but really its amazing!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

For those in high school looking for a college. Think hard about if you really wanna get your degree and play soccer. and if your decision is yes than make sure you weigh out every option that goes into picking the right college. dont base the college you go to on the soccer program completely. let that be a factor but dont make that the deciding factor.

Once you are in that college because it had a great soccer program but the academics werent all there whats gonna happen when you dont feel like playing the game anymore cause the coach is an ass or when school and soccer just arent fitting correctly with time management. you obviously cant give up school and just play soccer.

Make sure that the college you pick you absolutely love and feel sooo comfortable. Youre going to be away from your family and high school friends so that means you are going to have to venture out and meet people. yes playing soccer is going to give you an instant set of friends but there are more people in the college that dont play soccer that you might miss out on. Choose wisely and make sure that soccer is a small pro to your list.

Now that spring is here its time to get back outside and start playing. Spring soccer is started out right. Last night i had a great practice with the girls. I definately didnt miss the coaches being there. Soccer is a passion that only the best can really understand. It takes a special kind of person to wanna play soccer for the rest of their life. Some people cant be dedicated like you need to be in order to be a true lover of the game.

I would give anything to go back to the days of high school ball and be with all my wonderful teammates again. We all knew how eachother played and what everyone's strengths and weaknesses were. It was so nice having a team work together and actually be good at soccer. My college has a bunch of wanna be's and they think theyre good but really they arent good at all. Too many attitudes get in the way of performing well together.

It takes a lot of dedication and effort to be considered a great player. you need to have amazing team work and a certain set of skills. Anyone can play soccer but only a few can be soccer players. Ive been playing since i was 4 and im still not sick of the game. I actually love it even more as the days go on. Be one of those people that is a soccer player and not someone that just plays soccer.

Monday, February 27, 2012

blogging can be hard sometimes. soccer is a broad subject but you end up repeating yourself a lot. soccer takes great teamwork and patience. you could go a whole game without anyone scoring a goal. soccer also has a lot of vocabulary. i find it hilarious when people say score a point. we dont get points we get goals. thats what a "goalie" is for.

i find soccer is much more enjoyable than playing video games or reading. yes reading can be great exercise for your brain but soccer you have to think a lot. you have to think as a field player if you want to pass the ball or do a move to get around a person. as a goalie you think all the time especially about where you want to position yourself to cut down on angles of the goal.

soccer also gives you more freedom than most sports. soccer cant have set plays all the time. you might have the occassional thrown in drill but you can plan on who you are going to pass it to or whether or not you have one or more players on you at a time. soccer lets everyone be original and spontaneous.